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Historia Szkoły w języku angielskim
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Unia Lubelska High School
20-005 Lublin, Plac Wolności 4
tel./fax. (0-81)53-209-47
e-mail: unia@leda.3lo.lublin.pl

The Headmistress: Anna Suszyna
The Deputy Headmistresses: Barbara Kasperek, Ewa Fijuth

The number of teachers: 63, including Maria Curie-Sklodowska University teachers (maths and art), a Catholic University of Lublin teacher (philosophy), 5 teachers with Doctor Degree, 16 chartered teachers, a library teacher that has been a member of National Library Council.

The number of classes: 24

From the school year 2003/04 the classes have be granted the auspices of the following institutions:

  • class with an extended curriculum of computer science and management - Lublin BusinessSchool
  • classes with an extended curriculum of Mathematics and Physics - Institute of Physics at UMCS
  • classes with an extended curriculum of humanistic and social studies - Faculty of Political Science at UMCS
  • classes with an extended curriculum of journalism and theatre studies - Juliusz Osterwa Theatre
  • classes with an extended curriculum of biology and chemistry - Medical Academy
  • classes with an extended curriculum of linguistics and European studies - Department of Applied Linguistics of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University
  • general classes with an extended teaching of English - English Department of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University.

The number of classrooms: 23
The Gym

The library- Multimedia Information Centre equipped with eMac computers, Interenet access, coputerised database and catalogues.

Computer laboratories- 3. One equipped with iMac computers, two with PC types. Constant access to the Internet.
2 laptops.

...We belong to the Club of the Oldest Schools in Poland...

The school opened its door for students on the 7th of October 1921. This first Public Female Grammar School in Lublin had struggled with huge location problems since the moment of its creation. It wasn't until 1933, after three changes of location, that the Unia Lubelska School was given the building at 12 Narutowicza Street. Unfortunately, on November 15, 1939 the school ceased to exist by the terms of the decree of the German authorities. In such circumstances the only form of education was underground teaching activity. 35 students obtained their high-school certificates in Unia then. During the years 1944-47 the school operated in the dormitory building at Archidiakońska Street. From 1950 the high school had its premises in the Palace of Tarło (Pałacyk Tarłów) (now the seat of the Voivodship House of Culture WDK). In 1966 the school, being already named Unia Lubelska General High School in Lublin, moved to the building, where it has operated until today, which had previously been the seat of the Primary School Nr 12, at Plac Wolności 4. The first organizer of "Unia" was Rev. Kazimierz Gostyński, an outstanding figure for Lublin's education, while Marceli Opitz was its first headmaster. In August 1922 the function of the headmaster was taken over by Róża Marczewska, the graduate of Sorbonne University of Paris. She held this office for 7 years. In September 1929 the office was taken over by Ludmiła Madlerowa. One year later the headmistress of the school became Jadwiga Firewiczowa. The following headmistresses were: Elżbieta Andrzejewska-Gałecka (in the schoolyear 1936/37) and Janina Mally (from 1937). In 1948 Unia Lubelska High School was transformed into the eleven-year school and Mieczysław Koszałka was appointed headmaster. From 1950 the headmaster of Unia was Tadeusz Szymański, during the years 1972-90 - Stefan Maleska. Since 1990 Anna Suszyna has served as headmistress.